Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Character Challenge

Utah Book Month Mini-Challenge

Here is how you play:

I will describe a character from a book written by a Utah author.  You must guess the character I describe and what book they are from.  Get all 3 and you win!!  

Winners will be eligible to enter into my Utah Book Month Giveaway!  
Winners can also enter in The Grand Giveaway!!

Thanks for participating and take luck!

Mystery Character #1
-    I have a secret identity.
-    My story was released this year (2012)!
-    I am a stubborn little snot, and I'm always ahead of the game.
-    My mother was a barmaid who married a king
-    I can roll a coin over my knuckles with both hands.

Mystery Character #2
Ball Gown
-    I go by my nickname.
-    My aunt decided to give me to a dragon.
-    My story is a debut novel and part of a trilogy.
-    I am very talented with a needle and thread, and I like to show off my embroidery on my skirts.
-    A magical item makes my feet itch like crazy!

Mystery Character #3
-    I share the same name with my author's daughter.
-    I have multiple mothers.
-    I secretly read books from a bookmobile.
-    The boy I love was beaten because he wanted to choose me.
-    I escape the only life I've ever known.


  1. Sheesh, these are a harder than I thought they'd be. Probably doesn't help that I have a hard time remembering character names!

  2. I'm sure I haven't read any of these. :( Darn it. I'll refrain from cheating and give someone who actually knows the books the chance. Haha.

  3. I think I know one of them, but I need to study up (or cheat on Google) to get the others!

    Such a fun challenge. Thank you for hosting.

  4. Ooh, I love this! It's challenging I'll admit, but I never give up on a challenge! :)

  5. Um, I don't think I've read the first one cause it doesn't sound familiar at all! Sigh!

  6. This was awesome! Hope I guessed right. How will I know?

    1. Good job!! You got them all right!!! Head on over to my giveaway and enter!

  7. I've never read any of these books! I have no idea who they are, lol. But, I think I guessed right (other than the name of the character) for the first one.

    I love that you said, "Take luck."