Thursday, July 10, 2014

Gris Grimly's Frankenstein

9266783Goodreads Synopsis:    Gris Grimly's Frankenstein is a twisted, fresh, and utterly original full-length, full-color graphic-novel adaptation of Mary Shelley's original text, brought to life by acclaimed illustrator Gris Grimly.

This is the first fully illustrated version to use the original 1818 text and is destined to capture the imagination of those new to the story as well as those who know it well.

New York Times bestselling illustrator Gris Grimly has long considered Frankenstein to be one of his chief inspirations. From the bones and flesh of the original, he has cut and stitched Mary Shelley's text to his own artwork, creating something entirely new: a stunningly original remix, both classic and contemporary, sinister and seductive, heart-stopping and heartbreaking.

Perfect for fans of Edgar Allan Poe and Neil Gaiman's Coraline.

My Thoughts:

-    Awesome! Loved this!

-    The letters are lovely eyed candy, but they are a bit hard to read, so I skipped over a few of them. I don't think I missed much. I read the important letters.

-    The artwork is fantastic! The style fits the story so well. It reminds me of Tim Burton, but it is still unique and a style all its own.

-    Frankenstein is a creepy story, but adding these haunting illustrations just adds to the creepy, and I loved it!

-    I really liked that the text is straight from the original story.

-    This is the most unique graphic novel I've read!

-    I want more from Gris Grimly! 


  1. I have been going back and forth as to whether I should get this one. Frankenstein is one of my all time favorite books but I have this image in my head and don't really want it to be replaced by someone else's artwork.

    1. If you love Frankenstein, I'd highly recommend this. It is so great! I don't think the pictures deter from the original.

  2. I love Tim Burton, so that comparison makes me want to check this book out really badly! I love the mixture of fun and creepy, and Frankenstein is such a great story to illustrate in this way. Thanks for pointing out this graphic novel, I hadn't heard about it before. :)