Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Dragonslayer

106124From Goodreads:    The forces of evil are growing stronger - but could our heroes' worst enemy be Phoney Bone himself?

Fone Bone confronts a host of dangers in Book 4 of the BONE saga, The Dragonslayer. He and Gran'ma Ben and Thorn have a terrifying encounter with Kingdok, ruler of the rat creatures. The Hooded One is inciting his army to full-scale war. Someone is continuing to haunt Thorn in her dreams. And then wise Gran'ma Ben disappears.

To make matters worse, Phoney Bone has hoodwinked the townspeople into believing that he is a mighty dragonslayer. When he actually does catch the Red Dragon -- much to his surprise -- he must face up to his promise: to slay the dragon at sunrise.

My Thoughts:

-    Gran'ma Ben is one tough old lady!

-    This volume is darker and not as light hearted as the previous Bone books. It is great!

-    Why is Thorn all doom and gloom? Crap is happening and she has a role to play! 

-    I can't decided if I like the dragon design. The hands kinda freak me out.

-    The art in this is great! I love the picture of Thorn that takes up the whole page during sunrise! So beautiful! 

-    Is that rat creature ever going to get his quiche?

-    The rat cub is SO cute!!! 

-    More! More! More!

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