Monday, July 28, 2014

Oz the Great and Powerful

My Thoughts:

-    This movie was awful!

-    There were a lot of cheesy parts, and Oz was super cheesy. I don't know if that was just his character or how James Franco portrayed the character. It bugged me. 

-    The CG looked cartoony. It wasn't good!

-    The movie was very predictable.

-    What was up with the evil with stealing the Emperor's finger lightning thing?

-    The best part of this movie was the music! 

-    Don't watch this movie! Go watch the Judy Garland movie instead. 


  1. Oz the Great and Powerful was embarrassing! I try to block it out of my mind. I totally agree with your last assessment-- go watch the Judy Garland movie, it is way better! Nice movie review.

  2. It was OK to me... I watched in IMAX it was beautiful on that screen. But it certainly is no OZ classic. I have it on my DVR but haven't tried to watch it again yet. I suppose I should.