Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Producers

My Thoughts:

-    The talking is quiet, but the music is loud.  We had to constantly adjust the volume.

-    Gene Wilder looks young and sounds like a little boy. 

-    It was slow to start, but it is hilarious later on.

-    I don't understand why L.S.D. was wearing hooker boots and had a Campbell's soup can around his neck.  I was so confused!

-    I have had the Springtime for Hitler song in my head forever!!

-    It definitely had that Mel Brooks feel. 

-    I was shocked that Mel Brooks didn't play a character in this one!  He is always in his own movies!

-    I love how Gene Wilder can turn on and off the hysteria at will.

-    The German guy cracked me up!!  I love how he randomly sang patriotic songs.

-    It wasn't my favorite Mel Brooks movie, but I laughed a lot and enjoyed it. 

Tyson's Thoughts:

-    Man this movie was boring!

-    Not one attractive lady in this whole movie, I'm disappointed.  

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