Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Secret World of Arrietty

My Thoughts:

-    Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki have done it again!!  This was such a great movie! 

-    I love that Miyazaki took this story and made it his own, but he still kept the heart of the story.  It was fantastic!

-    That part with the crow and the screen was hilarious!

-    Shawn looks like a young Howl.

-    I think Miyazaki loves fat onry cats.  They make appearances in several of his movies.

-    I love that the liquid properties are so realistic!

-    Like all of Studio Ghibli films, the world created was beautiful!  

-    I loved Pod and Shawn's voices.  They were so calm and soothing.

-    The music was really different from other Miyazaki movies.  I liked it though.  It was more celtic. 

-    I highly recommend this for Studio Ghibli fans (and even for those of you who aren't!)!!

Tyson's Thoughts:

-    I wanted to see Shawn and Arrietty hook up.  I'm disappointed.

-    I liked her hair.  I'm going to get me one of those chip clip or whatever for my hair.

Hubby's Thought:

-    It had nice music, but I could tell it wasn't done by Joe Hisaishi.

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