Thursday, March 15, 2012

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

My Thoughts:

-    The movie starts EXACTLY where Part 1 ended. 

-    Why does Ron always look stoned?

-    I don't think Harry and Lord Voldemort could feel the horcruxes be destroyed or sense them.  I'm pretty sure they didn't.  That was kinda weird for me in the movie.

-    I was impressed with the CG!  It really made the movie more thrilling.  I was like "WHOA!"  "That's cool!"  "That's creepy!" etc.  They did a good job. 

-    They didn't do justice to the whole Snape's memory bit.  I wish they could have spent a little more time on that.  It was good, but I wanted it to be heart wrenching and awesome!!!

-    I felt like they could have made one movie out of the two.  They could have cut out a lot of the camping bit in the first and combined the 2.  

-    I still like the books better, but I think they did an ok to good job with the movies.  Most of their casting was really spot on.  The editing in some of them are kinda crazy.  This one's editing was better, but there were some random scenes that I was like "what just happened?"

-    It is kinda sad, but kind of a relief that the Harry Potter series has come to end in both book and movies.  I enjoyed anticipating the next book, and I feel like Harry and the gang are long time friends of mine.  I'm glad it is over though.  It was time for something The Hunger Games! 

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  1. I totally agree about the whole Snape's memories part and them not doing it justice. I also feel that the camping parts in the first half were long and boring and didn't need to last that long. I too love the books and the movies and I will never get tired of the characters and the stories. I could watch the Harry Potter movies everyday if I had too. I really wish there was such a place as Hogwarts.