Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kirby's Return to Dream Land

My Thoughts:

-    This plays and feels a lot like the original NES Kirby Dreamland.  I loved that game, and I enjoyed this one as well.

-    The powers you get don't just do one thing, they can do several moves.  You also get super charged guys and get an awesome power that only lasts for a little bit.  My favorite was the snowball one.  

-    King Dedede and Meta Knight are good guys now?  That was a bit confusing.  You can play with them and a spear guy for multiplayer.

-    It was a little annoying to play mulitplayer.  I kept accidentally getting on peoples heads and stuff.  We got in each other's way a lot.  This would have been better as just a one player.

-    During multiplayer you can share food, but when you share, you kiss each other.  It weirded me out!  I don't want to see Kirby and Meta Knight kiss!  They just should have made it so you didn't share food.

-    There is an "extra feature" after you beat the game.  It claims to be a whole new adventure, but it isn't.  I played a couple levels, and it is only a harder difficulty.  The only thing that changes is your health meter is shorter and the stars are outlines.  Other than that, there is no difference.  They just want you to play the game over again.

-    There are 3 mini game type things that you can unlock, but there weren't too exciting.  I played them once, and it didn't get me to play again.

-    The end boss is great!  There is about 3 phases or so, and I had a lot of fun fighting him in all phases!  I love a good boss fight!

-    This isn't the greatest Nintendo Game out there, but for us Kirby fans, it was fun!  I think the new generation of gamers will enjoy it as well!  

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