Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Last Princess

The Last Princess
Goodreads Description:  Happily ever after is a thing of the past. 

A series of natural disasters has decimated the earth. Cut off from the rest of the world, England is a dark place. The sun rarely shines, food is scarce, and groups of criminals roam the woods, searching for prey. The people are growing restless.
When a ruthless revolutionary sets out to overthrow the crown, he makes the royal family his first target. Blood is shed in Buckingham Palace, and only sixteen-year-old Princess Eliza manages to escape.
Determined to kill the man who destroyed her family, Eliza joins the enemy forces in disguise. She has nothing left to live for but revenge, until she meets someone who helps her remember how to hope--and to love--once more. Now she must risk everything to ensure that she not become... The Last Princess.

My Thoughts:

-    The beginning reminds me a lot of Anastasia.

-    Overalls make a come back in 2090, ha ha!

-    This book doesn't feel like it takes place in the future.  I pictured the whole story happening in the past, like during the 1920s or something.  There were very few mentions of technology.  They rode horses instead of drove cars.  They used the radio a lot.  The food they ate was bread and cheese.  This is stuff that I don't picture in a book that happens in the future.  I wish the author has used more modern or futuristic technologies.

-    I was really "in love" with any of the characters.  I just didn't really connect with any of them.

-    The book was alright, but it wasn't anything special.  It had a good ending, but the rest of the book was just meh.  

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