Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nim's Island

My Thoughts:

-    This is a different role for Jodie Foster.  I'm not sure I like her as a schizophrenic.  Her character was a bit annoying.

-    Nim was cute girl.  I haven't seen her in any other movie, but I think she did a good job in this one.

-    I like movies with a great moral in it.  I'm not sure this one had that.  There were a few messages like it's not good to be alone, face your fears, etc.  It didn't have a really great message though.  It didn't move me.

-    I would say this movie is more for younger audiences.  It is just a fun and wacky show that I think kids would like, a good clean family film.

-    I think Gerard Butler was kinda wasted on this movie.  They could have gotten any other actor and it would have been the same.  They probably only got him so people would watch the movie.

-    I wouldn't ever choose to watch this again, but I wouldn't be totally against it if I was with someone who did want to watch it.


  1. Abigail Breslin is actually a really famous child actress. I'm surprised you haven't seen her in anything else. I've never seen the movie and I'm not really sure I care to either. Maybe someday when I have kids...

  2. The movie is awesome. Easy watching and defiantly for kids but who cares i love the fact that they can live on a invisible island and have an amazing connection with the animals.
    Don't judge before you watch it might not be your cup of tea but don't rule it out.
    I am so buying the book.