Saturday, March 3, 2012

Three Coins in a Fountain


My Thoughts:

I just picked this up from the Library.  It caught my attention cause the Gaston from Gigi was on the cover.

-    The opening/theme song is sung by Frank Sinatra.  While he is singing, it shows off some of the beauties of Rome.  I thoroughly enjoyed the opening.

-    Georgio and Prince Dino were very dashing and charming.  I liked them both, but I felt bad for them.  They both got the shaft! 

-    Half the movie is sad, and the other half is happy.  I was glad the ending was a happy one.  I was scared for a little bit it wasn't going to be a good ending.

-    Prince Dino went to pick up Maria, and he honked the horn for her!!  I can't stand it when people do that, especially if you are picking a girl up for a date! 

-    I can't decide if I like it or not.  I had to watch it twice, and I'm still undecided.  I like a lot of things about it, but other things bug me a little.  I might need another female's perspective.  Any of you want to watch it with me?  Overall I don't think it was amazing, but I think I could learn to really like it.  Right now, I'm sitting at "it was good, but I didn't like _________."

-   If you love romance and chick flicks, you'd love this movie!  I can think of a few of friends who would probably adore this one.   

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  1. We watched this a year or so ago, and I'd say my thoughts are about the same. I thoroughly enjoyed the opening with the pictures of Rome and the music, the movie was enjoyable, but there were parts that weren't quite so wonderful. When it was over, I felt quite undecided about the movie for a while.