Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Party Princess

439274Goodreads Says:    In a series of humorous diary entries, fifteen-year-old Mia tries to figure out how to raise money for the bankrupt student government at her school while also worrying about how to become a party girl.

My Thoughts:

-    The words "self-actualization" are used 3 times on the very first page!!! I'm SO sick of those words! Mia just needs to chill! I mean what does being self actualized even mean!? I don't even think Mia knows.

-    Who is this Dr. Jung that Mia writes to throughout the book? It is so weird and random, and it could have been left out.

-    Mia worries about the dumbest things, and she uses all her energy on worrying and spazzing out. She is supposed to be learning how to be a princess! Unless she matures, she is going to be a horrible ruler.

-    Why can't Mia just be happy being herself? 

-    Lilly actually did a couple nice things at the end of this book. Wow!

-    J.P. obviously likes Mia!! Mia is SO oblivious to everyone and anything not inside her crazy head, which isn't a lot.

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  1. I read so many of these books back in the day. I have no idea which one I ended on though!