Thursday, April 21, 2016

Valentine Princess

23222From Goodreads:    Valentine's Day means flowers, chocolates, and all-out romance.

That is, it usually means those things. But when you're Princess Mia, nothing happens the way it's supposed to. For one thing, Grandmère seems determined to prove that boy (or Michael, as he is commonly known) isn't the right one for the crown princess of Genovia. And Mia isn't having much luck proving otherwise, since Michael has a history of being decidedly against any kind of exploitative commercialization (Valentine's Day, as it is commonly known).

Boris can declare his love openly to Lilly, and even Kenny comes through with a paltry Whitman's Sampler. So why can't Michael give in to Cupid and tell Mia he loves her—preferably with something wrapped in red or pink and accompanied by roses—in time to prove he's Mia's true prince?

My Thoughts:

-    Why does this story go back in time? Why didn't they just place this where it belonged in the time lime? This should be between books 4 and 5 I think.

-    I love Tina even more now that I know she is a huge Audrey Hepburn fan! Her movie list is awesome! Why can't Tina be Mia's best friend? She is nicer and more friendly than Lilly.

-    Oh yay! More whining from Mia! Just what the series needed! 

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  1. Ha ha! A whiny MC. I really think I'm going to pass on this series.